african grey parrot hickup

by cass
(fresno ca)

what does it mean when a african grey bird has hickup like symptoms

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Jul 09, 2017
by: Anonymous

Its the first time that I hear my parrot has sounds like hiccups. Im worried but he is talking and playing in the cage. Then he sneeze a bit and sometimes twitch he head. Nothing is continuous. Im just worried that he might starting to become sick.

Jan 12, 2012
Grey hiccups
by: Anonymous

Honestly, as a long time bird owner, I've never seen a bird hiccup. Not saying they don't, I've just never seen it.

Since you provided very little information, its hard to say what it could really be.

I would certainly suggest you take your feathered friend to the vets to get him checked out. Find one that SPECIALIZES in birds. (not your typical dog/cat vet)

This could be a sign of something terribly wrong. Birds are like other pets, they too, need to be seen at least once a year for a wellness check-up. Especially since they will never tell you they are sick till they are moments away from death.

Let your vet examine, and test the bird if needed to rule out anything serious. Your bird could possibly have something stuck in his throat, (like wood from a toy being lodged) giving a hiccup type symptom bc he's trying to get it out.

Only a vet who can actualy examine your bird can determine the true cause.

Good luck to you both!
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