African grey Parrot laying on stomach?

by Oliver

I have a three year old African grey parrot 'Archie' that recently has started laying on stomach still holding on with feet though. Not when just sleeping as well, does it when by his water, feed or on perch. Still talks, hangs upside down, so don't think any thing wrong with neck or back and hasn't had any bad falls we have seen? Also wing sticks out when laying on stomach?

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Nov 28, 2011
African grey Parrot laying on stomach?
by: Linda

This is NOT normal, so I suggest you make appointment right away for him to be examined by an Avian Vet. Birds try not to show their illnesses or injuries until birds can no longer stand, and in this case, start laying on their stomachs.

Have avian vet check him for infections both bacterial/viral and have his body checked out carefully for any tumors, growths or other external/internal problems that would show on an external exam. You may also wish to have some basic bloodwork done to see how organs are functioning. Birds who eat all seed diets develop liver disease of various sorts some of which will heal by changing to a high quality diet of organic pellets. Fatty liver disease is one that will respond to a change from seeds to organic pellets. Below is a link on how to go about this change, and organic pellets can be found here. Harrison's is the best, and you'd get the Course Grind in either the Regular or Pepper Flavored pellets.

Switching Birds To Pellets article

Make no changes in diet until your bird has been cleared for physical issues by an avian vet in your driving area. Thanks for Writing, Linda

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