African grey parrot let joint.

by Asif Arain
(Karachi, Pakistan)

My African grey parrot 6 months old fell from his
Play perch, I picked him from the floor and left him on the perch after a while I noticed he won't apply pressure on his Right leg, I got panic and rush to the chemist to have (voltral emulgel) pain relief gel i applied on his leg now some time he put pressure on it and lifts his foot as it is in severe pain and I am helpless
Here applied voltral emulgel and pain relief oil for joints and muscle pain and gave him (Brufen Syrup). But still having the same problem he left his talking and stick to the whistle and eating less.
Suggestions would be appreciated thanks

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Nov 05, 2012
African grey parrot let joint.
by: Linda

First of all, you have done everything wrong that you could possibly do and still have a living bird. Birds cannot have oils put on them, and they cannot have pain meds unless they are given as a prescription written by an Avian Vet after an exam. Your bird has possibly broken his leg or foot, and he needs to be taken to an Avian Vet ONLY immediately. If a bone is broken and sets itself wrong, then the bone has to be rebroken and reset so it will heal properly. In other words, you may have set your bird up for more horrible pain which could have been avoided if you'd taken him to an avian vet in the first place. Home remedies and human meds do not work on birds and usually kill them. If your bird is still alive, please get him the medical services he needs with an avian vet only as they are the only vets licensed to care for birds.

So, without further delay, get your bird to a licensed and trained avian vet for xray of the foot and leg. Give NO more oils and other meds unless an avian vet has prescribed them. Your bird is in very bad shape, and the oil and meds are making it worse up to and including poisoning his system to a point where he could die.

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