African Grey Parrot... sick

by Crystal R.
(orland FL. USA)

Umm, I have a African Grey Parrot named Alex. i had it for about 6 years now and i thinks she's sick.. she's getting skinny, and she wont eat anymore. also yellowish stuff is comming out her nose... is there anything i can do about it!? :"(

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Jul 03, 2013
lilac crowned amazon pooping loose bubbly stool
by: loveflewinmyhome

My burlee is not normal, I am 24 miles south of sacramento California. Please advise a good amazon vet near me. I need to take my baby and I know from reading all the blogs books I can he is only going to get worse. I am told he is a he about ten years old. A lilac crowned amazon, burlee who flew into my home late October of last year, has been a great companion, strangly loving and a bit moody. . He screams a lot and last two days his poop goes from bubblely loose to normal. I have put a sleeping bag over his cage to keep him warm at night during our 120 degree heat wave, I need the ac on, he needs it warm. I have not felt warm feet when I wake him so I need to achieve that plus maintain the best health for him that I can. Please please respond. I am going to search too thank you. I am low low income disabled I hope to find a vet that is not extremely expensive. maybe a vet insurance plan that is not a mortgage payment that would be greatly appreciated. God don't take another hing I love away, LOVEFLEWINTOMYHOME

Editor's note: Here is the Find an Avian Vet link

Jun 06, 2012
sick bird
by: Anonymous

Please take you bird to the vet or it will die! It needs help now! He won't get better on his own.

Jun 06, 2012
African Grey Parrot... sick
by: Linda

The only thing you can do is to take her to be examined by an Avian Vet and Florida is full of Avian Vets. Find an Avian Vet

Being that she is dying, you may want to have her put to sleep. This could have been avoided if you had taken her to an Avian Vet when she first became ill. As it stands now, the most humane thing you can do for her is to have her put to sleep. She has been suffering for a long time, and if you've ever cared for her take her to Avian Vet and either have her treated or put to sleep.

It makes me sick to hear about yet another bird who has been allowed to suffer in pain and agony for so long without people even once taking bird to an avian vet to be diagnosed and treated. What could have been a happy recovery may now have turned into a death watch.

Jun 06, 2012
I think
by: amir

I think she is get cold...if so,keep her in warm place and take her to avianvet immediatly,i wish her becomming fine soon

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