African Grey Parrot sound meanings?

by Lisa

I recently became the owner of a beautiful, healthy, happy, AG (Congo.) She is wonderful, and has bonded with me beyond my wildest hopes. Occasionally she sits on my shoulder and makes sounds almost exactly like a newborn puppy. She whimpers and squeaks and chirps and grunts, all the while cheerfully, but frantically, touching my face and ears-- her behavior is almost aggressive, but still cheerful. Is this a mimic, or is this a noise that AG's make to their young, or to their mother, or? What is she trying to tell me?

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Nov 18, 2009
African Grey Parrot sound meanings?
by: Linda

Your bird is crooning to you which is what birds do with other birds they love very much. The touching is also another means of telling you this. One recommendation is to keep your bird off your shoulder as there have been very severe injuries from having birds so close to face and eyes. Most times, the injuries are accidental, and sometimes, they are on purpose, so don't take any chances. It will take some time to get her used to NOT going up to your shoulder, so be patient. When she tries to climb up, gently drop you arm so she is forced to go back down. Move her from one hand to the other, and if all else fails, put her back on or in cage. Parrots on shoulders are possibly dangerous especially if they are either startled by something or someone or if you are giving attention to someone else and they become jealous. If they can't bite the one they want to bite, they will bite you with painful consequences. This is called dis-placed aggression, and the injuries can be severe. Parrots are wild animals, and in certain situations will be true to their wild heritage.

Your bird loves you, and you are very fortunate to have all this love and trust. Always do the best you can for this friend as they are fiercely loyal to their human flock.

Thanks for writing,

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