African Grey Parrot stopped chatting

by Fatima Brites
(Germiston, South Africa)

My 8 year old African Grey who is usually a chatterbox has suddenly stopped chatting, singing, whistling and laughing since Sunday I am vry worried about him. Has anyone every had a similar experience, and if so, what did you do to rectify this. I am really worried about him.

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Jun 30, 2018
African grey
by: Anonymous

Hi we have just came back from holiday and my sister in law had our grey... Before we took her there she was talking, whistling, now we have fewer back and she only says... What u doing.... She's not whistling at all, she easting OK and drinking OK.... Will she get back to normal, I'm hoping it's just because she has missed us.... Please help.... Thanks

Nov 11, 2017
by: sue

Do African Greys stop talking while they are moulting?

Aug 09, 2017
by: Anonymous

Hi my parrot has stopped talking and looks so ill, she is 24 years old has been to vet and had antibiotic but her breathing is bad she will not fly ,should I have her out down

Apr 24, 2016
Only talks when I'm not in the room
by: Wanda

My African grey is 4 years old and was a real chatter box but for the last few months he will only talk if I'm not in the room, he will talk if my husband is around but as soon as I walk in the room he stops talking
Anyone have any suggestions on what may have caused this

Aug 02, 2014
by: Anonymous

do we change (human) over time? yes why? cus we live longer and we are intelligence. gray are same, this why you must stimulate its brain, not only when its young then stop, I had few pets seen many animal nothing like these guys gray are smart and they have personality.

Jan 16, 2014
my 2yr old african grey has stopped talking and whistling
by: sonya

Hi I have a 2yr old grey and she has suddenly stopped talking,she has not gone off her food or water and is still very alert although she seems to just stand on her perch with her eyes closed for the majority of the day she has been to the vets and was prescribed some metacam to take for 7 days we r now on day 4 and still no improvement I am so worried as to what could be causing this can anyone help point me in the right direction pls..

Editor's note: Call the vet that prescribed the medicine. In the future if you want people to see and answer, you need to post a question, not an answer here to another question, on our Parrot Questions page.

Nov 29, 2013
stopped chatting
by: Don Houston Texas

I know this is an old post, but I would like to comment anyway. Anytime your pet does something out of the "norm" you really need to take notice. In this case, I would have looked at ME first. Have I changed appearances? Different clothes, people, sounds? Talk to your bird using the words that he/she uses the most. Look at the bird in the eyes and watch the pupils. If they move, then you are getting a reaction, this is important. When I talk to my two blue and golds and their pupils close, then I know that I have hit on a subject that they like! Don't like or don't care, pupils stay dilated! Example, when I ask them if they "wanna take a bath?" the pupils will pin hole!!! This is because they love baths! The same goes for treats like a cracker, or even if I ask one where the other is! Should nothing happen within a week or so, get a check up at the doc's office. Maybe a week, no more, an illness could be setting in and you MUST catch that immediately! Hope this helps you and others!

Oct 07, 2013
Parrot stops talking
by: Anonymous

Well my parrot stops talking for a while ,but it comes back when you repeat the same words over and over again.mary

May 18, 2013
chenge of premises or change in premises
by: Asif Arain

Hi Fatima how are you.
If you changed somethinf in his premises it will definitely disturb your grey of talking but don't worry will start again as he get use to... but it is worthy if you take him to vet to diagnose illness if he have any...

May 17, 2013
African Grey Parrot stopped chatting
by: Sandra D Singh

Hello Fatima, African Grey who is usually a chatterbox has suddenly stopped chatting, singing, whistling and laughing. I think that your dear little bird is very ill and needs to go to an Avian Vet. Please do not delay, thank you.

May 17, 2013
Parrot stopped interacting
by: Tracie

Your bird is likely sick. Please use this Find an Avian Vet link to find an avian vet for your bird so it can be examined to determine what is wrong and what the potential treatment might be.

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