african grey parrot with airbag infection

by jeanette

I have an african grey who the vet said an an air bag infection had taken exray, given antibiotic, drops to go into water bowl, and a booster to take. i have finished all but booster, but he is
eating very little very sleepy sits on top of cage asleep not talking very much a few whisles, drinks water and is five years old. i would like know what you think?

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Dec 12, 2011
african grey parrot with airbag infection
by: Linda

Your bird is still very sick. Antibiotics in the water are very poor medication because they are watered down too much, so the meds have been ineffective for your bird.

Also, you must take him to an Avian Vet only because dog and cat vets are not licensed or trained to diagnose and treat birds and sometimes kill them with wrong meds and too much or too little of them.

So, you will need to Find an Avian Vet and take your bird in for real treatment with the proper antibiotics in the proper dosages.

Your bird has an upper respiratory infection, and the air bags you speak of are called lungs. Please get him to an Avian Vet before he dies because that is what is happening as we sit here and speak of it. If the vet you took him to is an Avian Vet, then you'll need to find a competant one to treat your bird. Meds for an infection that has gone on this long have to be given with either a dropper provided by the avian vet and/or injections which a competant avian vet can show you how to do safely. You will need a second person to hold the bird while either the drops or injections are given because you cannot do this alone. If he stops eating, you'll also have to handfeed him baby parrot handfeeding formula found here to make sure he's eating and staying hydrated. This is best done with a syringe or a spoon that has the edges bent up making a funnel.

Please get him to a competant avian vet as soon as you can get him there because he's losing ground every moment spent waiting. He may also get a fungal infection from the antibiotics which will be treated later with antifungals, so take care of the infection first and then have him checked again once meds are done for overgrowth of yeast. This can be done with a throat swab or anal swab as the fungal growth will show up in both places. Right now, get him to an avian vet only and a competant one at that. When these infections are left to grow like this, they become life threatening as any upper respiratory infection will even in humans.

Let us know how everything is going and make sure he's given the right meds for the infection using the correct methods. This is very serious, and every minute you wait is risking his life, please understand this completely.


Dec 12, 2011
Airbag Infection
by: Renie

Hi there. Was it just under the lower beak, towards the neck area? We had the same thing here with one of ours - we put parrot tonic in the water only - it took a couple of days and he was back to normal. Hope yours gets better soon. Maybe just taking a bit longer as perhaps it was traumatised having the xray. They are such complex little things when they get sick. Good luck.

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