african grey parrots

by Nagaraju Jain
(Bangalore, karnataka, India)

Hi, I have african grey parrot breeding pair. After 3-yrs of effort i could breed them last year. But do not know whats problem my male grey ate 2-chicks in it and spoiled my effort. And later after 8-months of time they have laid again.

Pls let me know what to do as i fear the male may repeat the same culture of eating its chicks. Is it cannibalism or else. If so can i overcome this nor let me seperate male from female and chicks before hatching. By doing so does female cooperates by raising chicks without partner. Pls guide me its very urgent.

Thanking you, Nagaraju Jain.

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Mar 06, 2012
Eggs laid
by: Anonymous

You shouldn't really breed birds unless you know what you're doing. I'd suggest finding a breeder, and getting information from them before breeding. Learn before you attempt it. A skilled breeder can give you tips.

I would try to remove the male after the eggs have been laid or are close to hatching if he's eating babies.

Please make sure the female is getting plenty of calcium during this time.

Also make sure if you're gonna breed that you have the funds for avian vets, and formula for babies should something happen to the Mother.

It's not fair to the animals, if you arent able to provide suffecient medical care for them. Vet can also give you help with breeding info. and foods for the mother.

If you plan to sell the babies, you should make sure the babies are checked out by a vet before selling. To ensure someone isnt paying $1200 for a sick bird. Please do not sell a baby who is not properly weaned.

Good luck!

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