African Grey picture mom has and her story.

The African Grey is her third parrot and her favorite.

African Grey Picture Snoopy

This African Grey is my mom’s third parrot. The picture above was taken the day she brought him home from the breeder’s house. I think he was about 3 months old.

At first she thought he was going to be a boring bird because he just sat around. “At least he will be a quiet bird” was her comment. Well...he has grown up the last few months!

Now he climbs around his cage inside and out looking for trouble. He will hang from his chain inside and attack a toy, then he will get on the toy and attack the chain. He will climb around the outside of the cage and start to chew his Bird Zerk feeder and then look over at mom for her to say “no.”

Sometimes he sits and practices all the phrases he knows, over and over again. Sometimes mom will call me and tell me she is outside getting a break. She says he isn’t being loud, he is just talking her ears off.

When he wants to be scritched, he says “kiss, kiss” and bends his head down. He says that because mom will come up to him and say that, kiss him, and then scratch his neck and head.

He says lots of things, but one of the funniest things is when he says, “No! No! in a staccato voice and then sweetly says, “You be a good bird” in mom’s voice.

He barks just like the little dog the breeder has, so she is thinking about naming him Snoopy, but she also likes the name Toby. He was a year old May 2006, and she still hasn’t decided. Mostly he is called “Sweet Baby” but that is just his title.

Her African Grey eats just about anything, loves to take a shower in her utility sink on a little shower perch, and is afraid of any new toy or device added to his cage for days.

He certainly does not like the people that come to do pest control, air conditioning maintenance and such. Mom has to close the door to the bedroom because he will scream until the "intruder" leaves the house.

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