african grey pooping lime green and not playing

by Kristal
(Prince George)

Hi, I am a Supervisor for a petstore, we had two african greys arrive 8months ago, they are seperated through glass,but, can still see eachother. Recently one of the grey's has been pooping runny lime green colored poop. We just changed the diet from seeds,fruit,and nuts, to a pellet high performance parrot food to see if that would help, and today took all food colored died toys out.

We are going to put her, where she can not see her sibling as well. We have a vet appointment for her tomorrow, however, there is no trained avian vet here, and she will probably not be sure whats happening either. Do you have any answers? I have a red bellied senegal myself, and carry several bird wellness products, if that may help the grey at this point?
Thank you for your time

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Nov 27, 2010
African grey droppings
by: The Avian Vet

Many things can change a bird?s droppings. Diet could certainly contribute, but this sounds more serious. It may also be from infection and may be complicated by stress. Do not use any over the counter medications! They will only make things worse. And, if you sell over the counter antibiotics and other medications, you should stop; they are dangerous and they do not help birds, they only hurt. Your best option is to keep this bird in a cage at 95ºF and get him to the veterinarian immediately.

Dr B
Switching Birds to Pellets article

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