African Grey seems timid

by Kathy
(Baton Rouge)

Our African Grey, Rudy, talks almost non-stop from early in the morning to evening. He plays and just seems to be very happy and healthy. He is a year and a half old. We got him when he was first weaned at about 3 months old.

At first he would happily let anybody hold him. Now he seems very timid when we open his cage to get him out. When his cage door is closed, he will hop over to the front of the cage and give kisses through his cage to anyone even strangers.

He has a pretty large cage. However, he will not come near anyone with his cage door open. He acts very timid and nervous. We just got him a manzanita tree stand, and he seems to love being on it after he has been on it for about half an hour. But again, at first he seems very nervous, and we can see his little chest trembling.

He has never been mistreated in any shape or form. Why has he become so nervous about letting people near him when his cage door is open or when he is outside his cage on his tree? And why does he not like to be held anymore?

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Nov 28, 2008
by: LORI

This sounds like normal behavior for a grey. They are timid by nature although babies are more needy. Mine likes to sit in my lap and have his head scratched but sometimes he just doesn't want to come out. The new tree probably has something to do with it. Take the tree out of his site for a while and don't put him on it and see if his behavior changes. I have a dark brown tree that my Grey would never perch on and would crash to the floor every time I took him close to it. It's now in the garage. But he loves his stainless steel play stand.

Nov 27, 2008
It all good
by: Lewis

First his feathers you see shaking is normal. As far as him not be very cuddly most grey do not like being held. They do like there head scratched and there neck but that is about it. i own a grey named Smokey and hes a great bird and your sounds just as loving.


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