African Grey - Sore anus

by Sharon Lizamore
(Durban, South Africa)

My African Grey Parrot made a funny sound when he was doing his toilet business. It was as if he was squeezing out his poop.He kept on picking at it after he did his business. We took him to the vet and she said his anus is hard. I am not sure what this could be? I cant wait for the Vet to let us know as he has been kept in hospital for a few days and I am worried.

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Nov 30, 2011
by: Anonymous

Thank you, Tracie. I really appreciate it. Just to let you know though we brought Joey home from the Vet yesterday and he is clearly on the mend. Still talking from morning till night, his poop is fine and always has been. My husband and I, by the Vet's instructions, are to apply cream which they prescribed for him, to the affected area. The swelling it coming down but we need to continue to apply it. He is as cheery as ever and I am so so glad.

Nov 29, 2011
Comment about African Grey
by: Tracie

You are correct, and I apologize for not correcting the post before making it live. I don't believe it was meant in an ugly way, but it could have been left unsaid for sure.

Nov 29, 2011
Has been taken to an Avian Vet
by: Anonymous

We have taken him to an Avian vet. She specialises in exotic birds. They contacted us yesterday and said that he is on the mend however they are keeping an eye on him, however I a little astounded by your comment on the fact that "he may die anyway"(even if he goes to an Avian Vet).

Do you not think that firstly this is an inappropriate thing to say to an owner when you yourself do not know what the diagnosis is.? I merely put this question on this website to possibly find out if anyone has gone through the same thing and knows what it may be. Only once the diagnosis has been made can it then be said if it is life threatening or not or whether he may die or not. I am unsettle by this comment.

Nov 28, 2011
African Grey - Sore anus
by: Linda

Hopefully you took your bird to an Avian Vet in your area. Regular dog and cat vets are not licensed or trained in the diagnosing or treating birds.

This sounds very bad and I cannot say what it may be. If you took him to anyone other than an Avian Vet, you need to find an Avian Vet, take him away from the other vet and get him diagnosed and treated correctly or he could die from this. He may die anyway, but I guarantee you a dog and cat vet with no training in caring for birds will definately kill him with incorrect diagnosis and/or treatment.

Let us know how this goes, and our prayers are with you and your sweet bird.

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