African Grey Spine Injury from Fall


Yesterday I was trying to pick up my African Grey off it's perch and she was playing around with me trying to bite me. Then suddenly she slips and falls backwards on her back. The perch was around 5 feet high. I was horrified because she started flapping her wings I was worried she must of broke something.

I then picked her up and started checking if she was moving her wings, legs, and feet. Her legs stopped at first then started moving after a little while. Her wings were fine. But her tail and feet weren't moving at all. I thought maybe she broke something and she was in to much pain to move it. I then realized it wasn't that, she was partially paralyzed. I rushed her to the vet, the doctor took x rays and said that their was no injury to the spinal cord, it seems normal. He believes the spine is probably inflamed so he said he would give her some type of steroids to stop the inflammation. I left her there for three days.

Today is the second day, shes eating normally, but the doctor didn't say whether or not shes moving her a feet. I'm really worried for this parrot, she's 10 years old I hate to see it suffer. I've been told its possible she might get better, but its not guaranteed. I'm hoping its not nerve damage and its just inflammation.

The doctor applied the medication 2-3 hours after it happened I hope that doesn't effect her recovery. I get to see her tomorrow, I really want to see her walk again. Do you think she will recover?

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Mar 06, 2014
Makaw with spinal injury
by: Odele

Hi. My makaw fell from the roof of her cage yesterday, and since then she has been paralized in her lower half. ( Feet & Tail) The vet has given her antibiotics & ringers, as she is loath to eat & drink. We are now on day 2, and there is no improvement :( Did your grey ever recover from this?

Aug 13, 2012
African Grey Spine Injury

Hello again,

Thank you for taking the time to look into my parrot's injury. Today I called the doctor up and asked him how she was doing. He said she still hasn't improved. Today is the third day since the incident. I'm hoping she will recover. He did say however she feels if someone were to touch her legs or feet/toes. So isn't that a good sign of recovery? The doctor told me it doesn't mean much. I hope hes wrong, I can understand this is a possibility that she will never recover, but I'm really hoping she does.

Aug 12, 2012
Bird with spine injury
by: Tracie

Dr B can not predict if the bird will recover or not without examining the bird and all the test results, sorry. I hope your bird does fully recover.

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