african grey swallowed rubber tube on the syringe

by Ahmed
(Male, Maldives)

My, 6 weeks old, baby african grey parrot has swallowed the rubber tube attached on the syringe while I was feeding it. The tube was around 4 cm long. Will it be a problem for the bird?
I'm very much concerned, but I dont know waht to do. And here in my city we dont have vets.

Does the grey will digest the tube? Or what will happen to my grey then. Could you give me a solution please. Its been around 6 hrs since he swallowed it. I can feel the tube inside its crop. Tried to pull it back from its mouth but couldn't.

Thank you.

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May 05, 2018
by: Anonymous

CAn anyone provide updates regarding this??

Jul 16, 2017
Amazon swallowed feeder tube
by: Anonymous

I commented last night in a frantic... The good news is we put fluids down the bird, then upside down and the tube came out.
Saterday night midnight and emergency rooms in 2 countys cant help a bird.

So happy my Kazoo is with us! No more feeding tubes for me!

Colleen & Kazoo

Jul 16, 2017
My Baby Bird Swallowed tube tonight
by: Anonymous

I just had this happen to my Amazon tonight. Breeder came and we tried upside down. No help. She took him home. The Vet is on a plane headed home from Hawaii. Only vet works in my County on weekends. Scared he will die by tomorrow.
Just pray he doesn't die, almost 10 weeks old.
Any help?

Jun 05, 2017
by: Anonymous

My 16 days old baby Alexander parrot swallow the tube while I was feeding. Will it be a problem for the bird.

Aug 04, 2016
tube swallowed
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately today my african grey (8months) swallowed rubber tube. Its not in the crop
Right now its with vet. I hope for the best
Plz pray for him

Feb 12, 2012
Swallowed rubber feeding tube
by: John

My African Grey swallowed the tube and I called my vet who specialises in these type of birds. He said I should turn the bird upside down and massage the crop to force the food out again. We did that and the food came out alone twice. The tube was suppose to come out as well but it seems that it was already inside the esophagus, which can be fatal. Will have to wait and see if it is going to survive. Unfortunately it is Sunday and all vets are closed, even for emergencies like this.

Aug 24, 2011
Bird with syringe tip in crop
by: The Avian Vet

You must get the tube out. It is not digestible and will cause a blockage and possibly death. You need the assistance of an avian veterinarian. You should not use these tubes because of this happening. I hand fed thousands of birds over the last 25 years and have never used those tubes. They are not necessary.

Find an Avian Vet
Dr B

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