African Grey Talking

by Jane

How wold you recommend teaching an african grey that is now about 3, how to talk? She knows a few words, but no meanings. Also, how do you potty train parrots. There are too many stains in my house. Please inform me.

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Dec 25, 2008
African Grey Talking
by: Greg

My CAG is just under two years old and my question is , what does he NOT say? Trapper quite easily picks up words and the naughtier the faster he learns it ! Almost anything said with emphasis will end up in their vocabulary , so watch your words .
Being quite the mimic also , my nextel has never rang as much as now! I could brag on my baby bird forever but i won't. patience and repetition works , rewards are for parlor tricks , love and attention are the best course of action for me!

Dec 05, 2008
african grey
by: lori

I assume you mean 3 months and not 3 years. I'm not sure how early they start talking because I adopted a 5 year old grey. He just picks up the words I say and I tell him the name of everything I give him. If he likes it he will soon start asking for it by name. Just keep repeating phrases you want him to learn. I've noticed that there are some words he just won't repeat. Either he doesn't like the word or it's too hard to say since he doesn't have lips.

Dec 04, 2008
by: Lewis

i cannot tell you had to get him to talk more my grey just picks up on words from us. As far as potty training i do not reccomend it. Sometimes when they are trained like that they wont make in there cage and can cause problems.


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