african grey tried to brood her ball

by Geraldeen
(Rochester, Kent UK)

flo my six year old african grey was given a ball that makes sounds. As per normal she was initially afraid of it but after playing with it for longer than she usually plays with any of her toys she commenced to attempt to sit on it with her breast as if it were an egg in a nest. I removed it and dont know whether this was the right action. She has not shown any adverse signs or symptoms and is her normal self. I just wonder whether this is a sign of something I should be concerned about and should I give her talking ball back? Thankyou

Geraldeen Guy

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Mar 16, 2012
Bird sitting on ball toy
by: The Avian Vet

Allowing this behavior will stimulate nesting behaviors. Having her keep the ball might prevent her from laying a real egg. Usually they tire of this play and give up. When she does, then remove the ball. But wait until she is finished with it.

Dr B

Mar 12, 2012
new toy
by: Anonymous

Give her back her ball! :D

I agree with Linda. Birds pick thier favorite toys, as a small child would.

I bet it's a hoot to watch her play with it!

Mar 11, 2012
Also brooding with ball
by: Debra

My African Gray is also brooding her talking ball - she has had it over a year and never done this before - she has even gotten to the point she does not want to "visit" with me and will hiss and attack me if I put my hand in her cage and let her get too close. Do I let her just keep sitting on that ball or do I remove it until her hormones calm down? She has laid eggs in the past but never shown any interest in them once laid, and since she has started brooding the ball she hasn't laid any eggs, and I cannot hold her to see if she is preparing to lay one. Is there anything I need to do to help her out? Extra egg to her meal or something?

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Mar 10, 2012
african grey tried to brood her ball
by: Linda

She was just playing with her new toy, so please give it back to her!!! The only thing you have to worry about is YOU over-reacting to the fact she loves her now toy.


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