African Grey with Brown Dischange out of one nare

by marcie

I went to play with my grey today and noticed one nare has brown dried discharge. Inside looks a bit moist and dark. She mimicks sneezes so I dont know if hers are real or not. She is a bit grumpy too. Can birds get allergies? Mine are really bad. It is only one side. I hate to put her through the stress and deal with a rip off vet if I dont have too. Are there any great vitamins supplements to try and help her fight it?

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May 01, 2009
Sometimes Vets are Necessary
by: Linda

Hi there and sorry your little bird is not feeling very well. The fact of the wet discharge is a cause for concern. Sometimes, they get stuff in their nostrils, and it is usually a dry product that when wet with water will be sneezed out. With an already wet discharge, I'm more inclined to think your bird may be ill or becoming that way. Before you do anything else, take your Grey to the vet (I know it is expensive and hate to tell you this). Vet will do the proper gram stains,take temp and listen to heart and lungs and get a good picture of whether or not bird is sick. Your little one may require some antibiotics for a short period of time.

Food is a very important issue with the parrots. I don't know what you feed yours, and an all seed diet is lacking in major nutrients. We have been using the Harrisons Lifetime products for many, many years and our two Amazons very seldom go to the vet. As I said, I don't know what you are feeding your Grey, and the Harrison's is the best, cleanest food on the market for them.

To sum up, it would probably be prudent to take your birdy to the vet, so they can rule out infections and such. Let me know what you find and/or if problem clears. Be careful to not wait too long if discharge continues. Birds try to NOT look sick as this is a behavior they are born with. Sick birds, in a wild flock, bring predators or the wrath of their own down on them.

I hope this is helpful advice for you. I'm an older (OLD) lady who has been breeding, raising and living with birds for most of my life thus far. Thanks for reading!

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