african grey

by james brien
(lincoln england.)

my african grey is a feather plucker he is all pure skin down his stomach area so with him being like this it was easy for me to notice a big lump going down his stomach from his throat area. the lump is brighter pink. do you think this is anything to worry about. thanks j brien.

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Feb 06, 2009
African Grey plucking
by: The Vet

This could be his crop. Or it may be something serious. Take him in to see an avian veterinarian for a diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. B

Editors note: Dr. B has responded to a couple people with feather pluckers. If you would like to read his suggestions you can follow the links below.

Bird Plucking help

Feather Plucking help

Feb 05, 2009
by: Lori

If you haven't taken him to the vet for the feather plucking you really need to take him for the lump. Its not normal. And sometimes the plucking can be caused by an illness. An antibiotic and Pluck-No-More cured my birds plucking.

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