African grey-9 weeks old

by Ninad

My african grey screams while eating.what does it means?He likes food or dont like?cause he eat almost everything i provide him.Just makes different sounds & screams while eating..

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Oct 17, 2011
African grey-9 weeks old
by: shannara

Please if you have chosen to finish out with self hand feeding of your baby read and follow baby food instructions. It is easy to make food mix to thick and chock or dehydrate your baby.

I know that a baby African gray, yes baby at 9 weeks old will still scream for its momma (you in this case) to feed it, while it is still hungry it will continue to scream lettings it mama know it needs more as she is placing the food in its mouth. Kind of like a overly hungry 5 month old human child swallow scream, swallow scream as you spoon food into their mouth as fast as you can LOL. This scream is like no other you will ever hear from your Grey. Listen to it's coos and soft sounds when it is full and content and it's scared scream or angry scoll. You will hear the difference easily.
sounds to me like your momma :)

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