African Grey--Groaning Noise

by Ernie
(Demarest, NJ)

My African Grey (Da Vinci) has --over the past several days-- been making what I can best describe as a groaning sound. Da Vinci eats normally and is otherwise in good spirits. I am almost tempted to describe the noise as a roosting sound. Is this normal?

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Jan 31, 2009
African Grey goaning
by: The Vet

Greys make many natural sounds and they make up many sounds. Plus they mimic even more. I cannot tell you if what your bird is doing is normal.

You should have him examined by an avian veterinarian, if not for this noise, then for a well bird check up. Bird?s need to be seen annually by an avian veterinarian for check ups and vaccinations. Your Dr. can listen to his lungs, heart and air sacs to determine if there is any health problems.

Dr B

Jan 30, 2009
Mine Too!
by: Anonymous

My AG, Rudy, has been doing the same thing. He's two years old. I was wondering what that sound means too!

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