African greys supplies

by ireland
(united states NJ)

i am getting an african grey. what this will you need beside a cage ,food ,and toys. i wanna make sure i get all the things i need.

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Nov 12, 2010
African grey parrot supplies
by: Tracie

As already suggested, Harrison's is the best food you can feed your African Grey. You can feed the High Potency course according to our Avian vet.

African Grey's are often scared of everything. My mom has to put new toys on a counter near the cage for a day and slowly move them closer to the cage. The bird will not even go to that side of the cage the first day. Eventually she hangs the new item on the outside of the cage and then eventually gets it inside the cage. LOL

We sell all kinds of books on caring for birds, training videos, toys, Rope Boings and Perches, Polly's Pastel Pedicure Perch, natural wood branches, etc. at our discount parrot supply store.

We also have lots of free information on our Parrot Training page that covers training, health and caring for birds. We have a couple of African Grey specific articles too.

Nov 12, 2010
African greys supplies
by: Linda

Hi and thanks for writing. The most important aspect of bird care is a good, sound, high quality diet. Avian Vets recommend Harrisons, and you'd need the Course Grind Lifetime formula of which there are two flavors-regular and pepper. We get both and mix them so bird has some variety in flavors. I've used the Harrison's for my Amazons for many years and am very pleased with their overall health and few trips to the Avian Vet for infections or other physical problems.

Here is a link on how to go about the change from seeds to pellets, and we recommend the organic pellets because they are free from pesticide/fertilizer residue, dyes and preservatives all of which are harmful to birds.

Switching Birds to Pellets article

The pellets are given as 80-85% of the diet with only 10-15% being given in organic fruit and veggies which means small amounts a few times a week. No human food is to be given as these are full of fat, salt, sugar all of which are poison to a bird's system.

Perches have to be natural wood branches about 1 1/2" diameter, the natural form of a branch gives bird's feet and legs a rest.

Before making any changes in diet and to make sure your new bird is healthy, you must take him to an Avian Vet in your area. Have the Avian Vet check for bacterial/viral infections and do some general bloodwork to make sure organs are functioning properly. This is to be done within the first week you have the bird. Delaying this first trip to Avian Vet can mean your bird starts his life off with you sick, which is not good at all, and sick birds cannot be trained. After that, once a year visits are recommended as well as nail and wing clipping as needed, so you may be going more often. Only have the 6 long primary feathers on each end of the wings trimmed. Do not allow wings to be trimmed any higher up because birds are in constant pain, and it cripples them. DO NOT ALLOW A PET STORE EMPLOYEE TO DO ANYTHING WITH YOUR BIRD EXCEPT CHECK YOU OUT. Most of the foods found in pet stores are questionable as to quality, and always read ingredients thoroughly as many preservatives are poison.

I recommend getting your food here including any treats which should be given sparingly. Toys need to be wood that can be chewed as birds love to chew up wood and it helps to keep their beaks in good condition. While using Harrisons pellets, you DO NOT need to supplement with ANY vitamins or minerals as food is a complete diet in and of itself. Get everything set up before bird comes home, and it will help him to feel more comfortable right away.

Again, thanks for writing,

Nov 11, 2010
by: Anonymous

Congratulations to you and your new companion. Hopefully, your Grey will not be the first bird you have owned. They are complex birds, and not a great idea as a first bird. Most importantly, get yourself a good book about Greys - their care and keeping, their dietary requirements, appropriate cage size, etc. The best book I have read about Greys is the book "For the Love of Greys" by Bobbi Brinker. Check - they should have it.
When you set up your cage, add some toys that require your bird to work for his food. They make all kinds of foraging toys. Also, puzzle toys, such as stainless steel nuts and bolts will keep him busy and challenge him. Make sure he has some perches extending the length of his cage to actually be able walk back and forth.Greys prefer that. This site "Parrot Supply Store" has great toys, very high quality food and pellets, all with the best prices around. They will ship it to you super fast as well. Make sure you purchase a cage with a play top, or purchase a separate play gym for your bird. Introduce things to your Grey slowly, giving him some time to get used to seeing the new toys or play gym nearby at first, so he will gradually come to accept them. Greys can tend to be very nervous about new things. Good luck with your new bird! They are wonderful birds, and will remain happy with close companionship and an intellectually stimulating environment.

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