After 3 Eggs laid female love bird died

by Reegan

I brought 8 love birds before 9 months, but in that it was 2 female and 6 male birds, on 5th Dec 2012 one of the femal bird laid first egg and second egg on 7th and third egg on 8th. she was normal on 9th morning, eveing i came and saw the femal bird was dead. I dont know what the reason for that. Please advise how to take care while bird laiyng eggs

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Dec 10, 2012
After 3 Eggs laid female love bird died
by: Linda

The Lovebirds need to be around two years of age before they are allowed to breed and/or lay. Also, you can have only one male and one female to a cage. If you put her in with more birds than one, one of them may have killed her.

Also, she could have died in egg-binding. This is a condition where a bird who is either too young or not fed properly dies trying to lay an egg. Most nests for most birds consist of 4 eggs, and it could be she died trying to lay the last one.

You obviously do not know what you are doing, and this will not be the last dead bird you have. Stop all breeding, move all birds to separate cages or rehome some, and find out more about how to breed birds and what they need to be eating to be healthy.They need to be eating a diet of 80-85% organic pellets like Harrisons found here or another organic one in your country. Organic so there are no dangerous chemicals in the food. You have too many birds, and you will have to give some away and start over. Start them on a high quality organic pelleted diet, take them to Avian Vet for exam before breeding. It can take over a year to bring birds into breeding condition, so forget the breeding until you understand how much of an investment of time and money it really is.

Lovebirds are very aggressive birds and sometimes mates kill mates for no particular reason. If you have thrown a number of them together in one cage, get ready to see more mangled bodies.Though I am sorry for your loss, I see more of the same if you don't start over and do this correctly.


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