AG bites.

by ck mckinney
(sun city AZ USA)

my grey bites me but know one else could it be cause i am a diabetic and take insulin could it be a smell he doesn't like on my skin.

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May 29, 2015
Biting hormonal bird
by: Alicia

I have a male CAG who loves me very much and let's me handle him most if the time. However during breeding season he will bite and puff up whenever I try to handle him. Your bird is most likely temporarily hormonal. Be patient and continue to give him attention but try to be hands free. This will eventually pass and she will be back ty o normal.

Oct 13, 2014
african grey biting
by: Anita

Please be patient. African greys can be complex characters. Study your birds to see what mood they're in. My eli is loving,funny andvery happy 90% of the time,but,just when you think you've cracked it,they mess it all up and give you a big bite. Enjoy!!

Jun 15, 2013
by: Dean

Hi, it wont be to do with your diabetes.. I am a type one diabetic, on 4 injections per day, i also do my jabs in front of my african grey sometimes.. Unfortunately for you, parrots do have feelings and one of them will be fear... If a parrot dont like you, he simply wont let you touch him... on the other hand, they can be funny with strangers... not so much seeing them, but, you could well be a regular face, but if theres little interaction with him, he might think " woah, hang on... whats he doing to me?" lol... Just dont be scared of him, and show no fear... keep being persistant... i know its the fear of him biting again, but trust me... its rewardiing after he gets used to you =] Try hand feeding him a monkey nut now and again.. hew will learn you not there t hurt him one day =]

Feb 08, 2013
Just to clarify
by: Tracie

Just so you know, I wasn't saying you had ever gotten upset with your bird or accidentally scared it, I was just mentioning that can happen.

When I picked up my mom's African grey once, I was not paying attention to the bird but talking to my mom. Because I was not watching, I did not notice the body language and her bird bit me. Due to being startled, I jumped and made noise and the bird fluttered to the floor.

That bird never, ever liked me after that day. If I had lived there or visited every day and spent time with the bird, I could have earned it's trust again. Since I only saw the bird maybe once a week or less, the bird would fluff up and lung at me if I even came near it's play perch. I couldn't even offer it treats. It was sad for me, but I knew better and really liked her bird.

Feb 08, 2013
by: Anonymous

tracy . my bird has alwasys been very gentle with me i read where it could be hormonal problems this is their mating time. i have never scolded or yelled aT baby g in his life. but thanks for your input, i always give him treats each day and talk to him this has just started in the last few months. biting that is. CKM

Feb 08, 2013
AG biting only you
by: Tracie

I don't believe it is because you are diabetic, lots of people are diabetic and don't have birds biting them. It IS possible it doesn't like a lotion or smell on you and it is possible that it feels your nervousness or remembers a time you jerked or said something loud and scared it.

If it is something from the past that caused the bird not to trust you, then you will need to be patient and just keep proving to the bird you can be trusted. You should find a favorite healthy treat that ONLY you give the bird, then the bird will look forward to your hand coming at it.

You do NOT want to give too many treats, make sure your bird is still getting 80% high quality pellets like Harrison's or Roudybush so that it doesn't become unhealthy.

We have some training and bird health articles on our Parrot Training page if you wish to read them too.

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