AG suddenly aggressive

by k.bewry

my african grey suddenly changed today an d viciously tried biting me, drawing blood, has never been like this with me,i am the main carer.
after 2 hours she has returned to her usual self

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Apr 15, 2009
Aggreive African Grey
by: Anonymous

I have found in the breeding season that my african gray becom's agressive towards my wife and over friendly twards myself

Sep 15, 2008
aggressive behavior
by: Lori

I also have an african grey. I rescued him from an abussive home when he was 5. It took 2 long years for him to trust me but he is now very sweet. However if I wear red or if I am talking on the phone or even if I have something unfamiliar in my hand he becomes very aggressive. Could it have been something you were carrying or did you bring something new in to the house that might have frightened him?

Sep 14, 2008
It is going to be ok
by: lewis

I own a African grey named Smokey. Let me ask you a question was the bird in his cage? If so he could have felt you invaded his space. Did you disturb him playing with one of his toys. What caused your grey to bite.


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