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Jan 08, 2014
Chilli and Dogs
by: Anonymous


How did you train your dogs and parrot to get along? I have a small dog and an eclectus parrot and I am having very hard time! My dog just goes for my bird.....

I am thinking of getting a baby CAG soon; it will be good if my birds and dog can get along! Any tips and advice will be helpful.

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Jul 10, 2009
Chili update
by: Dawn

Chili is doing very well and yes he is still very much a family member. He loves to sit on top of the shower doors and watch people in the shower. He is doing alot better about eating fruits and vegetables too. He loves to chase the dogs and they are tolerant of him if running away is being tolerant... He is the true king of this house and Mommy's baby. I would love to get him up on youtube but he is still camera shy. he will not preform when the camera is on. Funny how they know isn't it. Anyway, all is well he is very healthy and happy and we love having him with us his forever home.

Jul 09, 2008
Chili the pastor of dogs
by: Ingrid

Your Chili is a real family member! Put him on youtube, it would be fun to hear him whistle and call the dogs, etc. What about your dogs, how do they tolerate him? I have a cocatiel (he is looking out of the toaster in this website), and he is really hated by our dog.

Jun 25, 2008
I love your African Grey story!
by: Tracie

Thanks so much for posting this. I love happy endings.

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