Age and behavior

by Mireille Dufour

Horace 1 1/2 years

Horace 1 1/2 years

Is it true that Conures (and other parrots) have a bad period between 1 and 2 years?

When I bought my Conure he was adorable and quiet, and now he's more possessive, aggressive, screaming and biting (he used to be very social and sweet) well, he's sweet only when he has my 100 percent attention.

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Apr 06, 2008
Hormonal Conures
by: Tracie

What an adorable bird!

Green Cheeks are known for being nippy and bratty if they can get by with it. I have two of them and both of them will bite me when I put my hands in the cage.

I take them out of the cage to change out toys and food if I want to avoid getting nipped or sometimes bit hard. One thing that slowed down the aggressiveness to my hands and arms in the cage is a long sleeved jacket.

I found this winter that when I put in my arm to get a toy that fell, Buddy attacked and attacked. Since I couldn't feel it, I just let him hit me all he wanted. Soon he gave up and just climbed on my arm and crawled to my shoulder! LOL

I have done that a few times and he comes at me most of the time, but he doesn't always try to bite me anymore.

I could write a book on all the ways we work with ours when they scream. (Boy can they scream loud and looooong.) The software for this blog will not allow me to do it.

You can join the NewConures group and there are lots of helpful people that might have more ideas. Just go to our Conure Page and near the top is a place for you to put in your Email address and submit a request to join.

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