Age of Amazon parrot

how can i tell how old my blue fronted amazon parrot is? he has not been ringed and i have been told that he is 8 months old, please help!

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Oct 06, 2010
Age of Amazon parrot
by: Linda

Well, there is no tried and true way to tell their age unless they are very old which will show in slower movements, possibly less bright feathers or other physical problems associated with older ages.

If you just got your bird, please find and take him to an Avian Vet in your driving area to make sure he is not sick with a hidden infection, parasites or other physical problems. Have vet run routine blood work to make sure organs are functioning properly and have them do a throat swab to check for bacterial infections. This first visit is one of the most important visits your bird can have because they cover up feeling bad as long as they can, and they are very sick when you start seeing symptoms of something.

Your bird also needs to be eating organic pellets instead of all seeds as all seed diets are very poor nutrition for birds, and they will have more illnesses and physical problems their whole lives because of poor nutrition. Here is a link on how to change over from seed to pellets, and get the organic pellets because the others are full of pesticide/fertilizer residue, preservatives, dyes and other dangerous chemicals.

Switching Birds to Pellets article

Make no changes in diet until bird has been examined and treated for any physical problems because dietary changes are stressful as is moving to a new home. Your bird is frightened of you and all the new things around him, so have him examined, treated if necessary, and go from there. I recommend the Course Grind Adult Lifetime Harrisons organic pellets, and there are others here that you can also mix in with them so bird has some variety in his diet. You'll only need to feed 10-15% fruit or veggies which is only a few times a week, and you won't need any vitamin/mineral supplements when using organic pellets especially a majority of the Harrison's.

Your Avian Vet may be able to help you with rough age of your bird after an examination, so please take him in now and once a year to make sure all is well.

Thanks for writing,

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