age of amazon parrot

by Mr dana

How I know my age of amazon parrot?

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Mar 28, 2018
by: Anonymous

I saw a blue front Amazon in a pet shop.The bird was the owners bird ..On the cage was a sign stating,,The bird was a documented 75 years old!.The bird was still going strong too!lI would not have guessed this age by looking at it..If you feed them right,and let them out of their cages ,and they are happy,they probably will out live their owner!,I have a place for my guys ,should I die soon!,.lol..But really,so many leave their birds orphaned..

Feb 04, 2014
amazone age
by: Anonymous

Its very easy to determine its age dose it talk and if so ask it and it wil answear put your ear very close good luck

Apr 27, 2012
Age of Amazon parrot
by: Anonymous

A vet cannot determine the age of your parrot.

Unlike dogs and cats who get teeth in at certain ages, it's easier for a vet to determine age. However, since birds don't have teeth, a vet cannot garrantee an exact age.

They can look at your bird, and see if it is a juvenile, or adult. For instance, I have an african grey baby. You know she is still a juvenile due to the dark grey of her eyes, which lighten up as she gets older, and once matured sexually turns yellowish white.
Also her red tail feathers still have black in them, which is another sign she is still young. Eventually those will fall out and grow back in 100% red.

A vet can determine if your bird is an adult, or juvenile, upon exam. But he cannot tell you how old he is. Kittens at 5-6 months get certain mollar teeth in... so a vet can say oh your kitten is older then you thought, and so forth.

Birds, unless you bought the bird from the breeder yourself, who can give you an exact hatch date, there is no real way of telling how old your bird is if he's already matured.

My bird, she was one of a few clutches born, and bc she didnt keep her band on, they could only tell me she was 5-6 months old, when I bought her.
(sometimes the band has breeder number or hatch dates on them) So.. I assume she was born in June 2011 (if born six months prior). Keeping this data on hand, will help me to know her age in the future. Should she be rehoused for whatever reason in the future, I have an envelope with her vet papers, papers from the shop with date of purchase, and sexing certificate. Which should all be passed along with the bird.

Didn't the previous owners give you any information like that on the bird? If you bought from a shop, they should have some kind of information.

My Amazon I know has been in my family since I was about 7-8 yrs old. My cousin who had originally bought him, died. No paperwork was found. I can only assume by my age, how old the bird is. MY amazon I know is at the very least 28 yrs old, but no idea how old he was when my cousin got him.

Amazons can live up to 40-60 yrs old. Sorry, but there is no real way to tell how old your bird is.

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