age of yellow nape amazon parrots

by Donna j Bourne
(Quincy, illinois)

I have a yellow nape that is 32. I was told that they lived to be like 65, and on the chart is says average lifespan is 50. that scares me because I want my parrot to outlive me, for sure. And I am 72 so is it true that the averge age is 50? well who know with all of these average ages their are exceptions, for sure? donna

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May 04, 2013
comments on your answer
by: donna bourne

My life partner and I both want to thank you for your sensitive and truthful answers. My partner loves sadie as i do, and takes very good care of her as well. She is very spoiled, and we love being good and understanding with her. She fights getting her nails tipped so bad, even with me and I do not know why, she just hates it. I would like to write a documentary on parrot ownership and explain to anyone that is considering it, that it is one of the most complicated and interesting pets you could ever choose, but, it is time consuming, expensive in so many ways, but, so very rewarding. but, you must be a very kind and sensitive person, someone who knows that getting bit is just part of the introduction to parrot ownership. You have to know that yelling at them, or even thinking of hitting them is taboo. It will not only ruin them, but, make it harder to ever bond with them. fear is not the way to train a parrot. And they understand everything. I am ambling, but, my love of this little creature overwhelms me. Only certain people should own a parrot. Evaluate your life, and realize this is a member of your family most all of your life. I got my bird when I was what 42 or so, and I am 72 now, and it is such a rewarding life to share it with a parrot. thanks for listening. donna

May 04, 2013
age of yellow nape amazon parrots
by: Linda

As Tracie said, there are many factors involved in how long parrots live as opposed to their average life-spans. The larger Amazons can live to around 70-75 and that would be a bird who had always had everything exactly as it was supposed to be all its life. Not many birds actually reach their potentially full life-spans because of all the things earlier mentioned. My Amazons are in their mid thirties, and I will outlive them unless something comes along to take them from me. I'm afraid for them if they do outlive me because most of the so-called shelters for parrots are not what they say they are. The only way to know for sure is to go in-person to them and see for yourself how birds are kept. A lot of them are not really interested in the birds, just what they can get for the birds as for money. Most birds ending up in shelters have lived lives of abuse and neglect and will not make good pets.

For those of you willing to take them in, understand they will be very much different from say a handfed baby bird who has known nothing but love so far.

Sounds like you are one of the lucky people in that you have either friends or family willing to take your bird in case of your passing.

Thanks for writing,

May 04, 2013
How long a bird lives
by: Tracie

Nobody knows how many years a bird may live, anymore than we can say a human will live a certain number of years.

The numbers are averages, meaning one bird lives to a ripe old age and another dies young and the average is the number in the middle.

How long your bird lives depends on the health of the parents, the environment they were raised in, the food they are fed, diseases they are exposed to and are not vaccinated against, toxic items they are exposed to etc.

Just do the best you can, worrying will not help you or the bird. Focus on the positive, your bird feels your stress when you are stressed and feels your calm when are calm.

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