Age talking limit??

by Jennifer

My husband and I are considering adoption for a rescued bird. One of the birds we are considering is an African Grey. The owner of the rescue is guessing she is at least 20 years old. We were just wondering if there comes an age where parrots stop learning new words or tricks. If we get an older bird, will we be able to teach it new things?

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Oct 10, 2008
by: Lori

I rescued a grey when he was 5 and he is now 11. He was very timid and it took a while to earn his trust because he was abused. It took months before I could even touch him and almost a year before he would willingly step up on my arm from his cage. But he always talked as long as we wern't standing to close the the cage. He never fails to amaze me with his comments. Most of his vocabulary are words we didn't try to teach him but he just picked them up from our everyday conversations. He is very quiet compared to Willy, our sun conure. In fact one of his favorite saying is "Willy, knock it off, I don't wanna hear it." We didn't teach him that but aparantly his former owner said that to him and he just substituted Willys name for his. He keeps us laughing and I've never regreted my decision to adopt him.

Oct 10, 2008
Greys are extremely intelligent
by: Anonymous

My African Grey is 2 years old, still quite young. I know that is quite a difference in the age of the bird you will be getting. However, my bird says new words very, very often. For example, he can overhear a conversation that contains a new word or phrase, and we will hear him repeat it maybe a week or two later. If it's something he likes to say, he will say it often. If not, we will hear it that one time only. He amazes us with his intelligence daily. One day he was outside of his cage sitting across from me on his stand while I worked on the computer. Every now and then I would lean around the monitor and wave at him. He now waves at everyone when they enter the room - either by lifting his foot off his perch or jumping onto the side of his cage and waving away with one foot while hanging on to the cage with the other. His cage is in front of a big window. Now if he sees anyone outside, there he goes onto the side of the cage and waves away. He is hilarious and keeps us entertained with all his antics, not just his talking. Good luck, and I know you will love your bird.

Oct 10, 2008
Age talking limit
by: Kralice4u

An African Grey is a Great bird!
It has been my experience that there is no age limit for them to stop talking or doing tricks.YOu must first gain your birds trust and it will stop at nothing to entertain you. Chet Womack (on this site) has one of the BEST training programs that I have ever seen for training owners to train their birds! Please check it out.
I wish you the best of luck should you decide to adopt the African Grey.
May you be as happy with yours as have been with mine!

Editors note: You can find more training information under Parrot Training when you click the button on the upper left of your screen, or copy and paste the link below into your browser.

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