Ages for conures to start breeding?

by Jemma
(Gold coast, australia )

What ages do both male an female green cheek conures have to be to start breeding?
Because I have a older female and a 6month old who iv been told is a male, and my female has had her 3 eggs for the year but now she suddenly having a nother and there both all over each other but I havnt seen them do anything....?

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Feb 06, 2012
Green cheek female conure and male sun conure mating
by: Anonymous

Hello, I have a female green cheek and a male sun conure can they mate together? Also i have a nesting box in the cage?

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Dec 21, 2011
Conure breeding questions
by: Tracie

They "can" start breeding as young as 6 months, but females should not be allowed to breed until after a year old, I am told.

Because you sound like you are new to all of this, please find a conure breeder that you can talk to and maybe even help so you can get some experience.

Also, please make sure there is a market for these birds, so that you don't bring more unwanted birds into the world that will just get passed from home to home.

I am not sure if you have posted before and we have mentioned that your birds need to be on a pellet diet, preferably Harrison's, to prevent egg binding.

Last, just because you have a male and female together does not mean they will choose each other as breeding partners. Our avian vet also suggests both birds be examined to make sure they are of breeding quality and not genetically related.

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