aggresive peach faced lovebird

by andreina rivera

Ive had four peached faced lovebirds for a while each of them had a pair except for one. I didnt know if that one lonely bird I had was male or female so I took it to get checked and it was a female. It akways fought with the other pairs of birds I had to try and take their mate. So I wanted to buy a male peach faced lovebird for the lonely one I had and I did. I made sure that the new peach faced lovebird I bought was a male and it was but now that I put it t6ogether with the lonwly female I had she isnt accepting him. And it confuses me because the lonely female I had always fought with the others to get a mate and now that she has one of the same kind os specie she wont accept him. She tend to keep bitteing his foot and everytime he gets close to her she scares him off. They are the same specie and are both adults but she doesnt want him and she always fought to have a mate and now she has one but wont take him. Why??

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Jun 03, 2013
by: Anonymous

You need to put them both in their own cages and set them side by side... if they choose each other you will notice them sitting close to each other at night and chirping throughout the day.You have to give them time to like or not like each other.
Our peach face fell in love with our Quaker Parrot even though they can never mate or such... they often play together and cuddle at times...
The main thing to remember is birds like people are attracted by smell and other tigers and you can not just put them in the same cage without them getting use to each other.
Please keep a eye on injuries and get vet assistance to make sure there is no infection.

Jun 03, 2013
Aggressive lovebird
by: Tracie

You can not make birds get along, they have to choose their mates. You should not house 2 birds together until you see they want to be together.

You need to have any injuries treated by an avian vet, so that they don't become infected.

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