aggression against siblings


My 6 month year old green-cheek conure Cadbury has been nippy at my siblings... A few days ago we enforced the rule that he can not be on shoulders because at times he would bite your finger because he wouldnt like coming down... So now he is a hand bird and he actully sweet to certain people... My bird will not bite my parents or I but my same age sisters and my older sister.If I ask my sisters to hold the bird they will with no problems (they arent scared of him) but they always end up bitten after doing nothing wrong...Any tips so that this biting will end????? Thank you!!!

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Aug 05, 2012
Bird aggression against siblings
by: Tracie

Please read the training articles on this Parrot Training page for help in training your bird. You may want to read the biting GC conure article, because that explains how my husband was able to get our GC conures to quit biting me.

Aug 04, 2012
:) thanks
by: Anonymous

thank you! That should help!

Aug 04, 2012
by: Morales329

Hi, we have a 1 year old Sun Conure that NIPS only certain people and that is KIDS! My husband and I can handle her and play with her and just have a grand old time, but my poor 7 year old humble daughter can't get her to go on the hand without BITES and GROWLS! I think her small size makes her feel insecure. Its as though our Bird knows it is not safe to be with KIDS. lol. They are amazing all around. Parrots are just not regular birds, they think. lol. Very smart and yes they seem to show their preferences. That nipping means alot of different things. You will get to know more and more with time. I don't know what to tell you, our bird will let kids get near only if they have treats and something she wants but other than that, forget about it! Maybe you can work treats and fun things, we started telling our daughter to just work with her slowly and not force the hand. The last two weeks, our parrot actually let her pet her head got puffy and seemed to enjoy her presence. NO hand forcing...unless you have no other choice and need someone to hold her but patience is a must. I imagine... that with time if she sees the same people come around and she doesn't feel insecure she will get curious and go with them too.

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