Aggression Problem

by Sultana Zamani
(Pune, India)

My ring-necked female parrot suddenly became very aggressive and comes to bite us and also is very violent with the male partner. Why is this so and is it a temporary phase?

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Apr 21, 2012
Female ringneck bonding with a human male
by: Sultana Zamani

Yes, it is very true, my female ringnecked parrot is very possessive about my husband. She just wants him to feed her and be near her. She becomes very aggressive when he is not seen or if I talk to my husband she starts screaming. She is not fond of the male ringnecked parrot, though he loves her very much and often I see the male parrot feeding the female and is always taking care of her. He is not at all violent even if the female is violent with him he will never retaliate. Yes, but the male parrot likes me but not my husband. So I find this behaviour very strange. My parrots are both very healthy. Is this behavior normal?

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Dec 28, 2011
Agression Problem
by: Anonymous

FIrst thing you should do, is seperate the 2 birds. Don't allow the female to hurt the male if they share the same cage. I have a female ringneck, and she was extremly agressive. She bonded with a male human, after that, all bets were off.

I would suggest a vet, to rule out any illness. Your bird might be hurting and doesnt want to be touched or bothered.

Hopefully its nothing more then she's bonded with a human and in great health. First illness needs to be ruled out. Then you can work on finding out what her behavior issue is about if she's healthly.

My ringneck turned out in great health, But the vet did ask a series of questions, which helped us to find out what her problem was. And it was simply she bonded with a man. Wanted him, and only him. Although this can be possible for yours as well. I still suggest first a VET.

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