aggressive bird

by samantha

i was given two african greys...a male and a female...and everyonce in a while my male african will go after my female for no reason. We reason got them a new cage and i was wondering if it something that will go away or if there is something that i need to do about this? Also my male african grey is very aggressive towards males, could this possible be that the people that i got them from maybe a male person in the family torture him or something?

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Apr 30, 2011
Bird aggressive with fmale bird and men
by: Tracie

It is possible that they are still trying to work out who's "boss" in the new cage. If the aggression gets to the point that you are concerned the other bird will get injured, then of course you will have to keep them in separate cages.

Sometimes male birds don't like males and female birds don't like females. There are all kinds of theories, but the bottom line is it happens.

I had a female bird that loved me, until she matured. Then she decided she hated me and loved my husband. My husband worked with her, so that she at least tolerated me and didn't attack me.

You can read about this and other training ideas on our Parrot Training page. You can, with time and effort, change most unwanted behaviors with wanted behaviors in your birds.

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