aggressive bird

by scott

why are parrots aggressive towards certain people and not others?

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Nov 01, 2011
aggressive bird
by: Linda

Parrots are like people in that they don't like all people. No particular reasons except they like some humans and not others. Sometimes people fear them, this makes for automatic dislike as birds can't trust someone who is either untrustworthy or fearful of them as they don't understand either one.

Sometimes dislike can be because of the way a person dresses or if they wear a hat or not. Birds get used to seeing their human family, and people different from their normal view can be seen as frightening posing possible dangers.

I once stepped out of shower wearing a towel wrapped around my head, and my Amazons literally went ballistic in fear of the "stranger" standing before them. Once I took towel off my head, they go, "Okay that's Mom!".

So, there is no way to explain a parrot's either dislike or fear of a person. Most of it is about fear at least at first, so maybe the people need to see more of the birds so they can get used to seeing them. Hope this makes some sense to you. You have to "think" like a parrot to truly understand a parrot.

Thanks for writing,

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