Aggressive macaw

by Gil
(Eagle pass, tx, us)

Lately my male blue and gold macaw has been extremely aggressive when i open or get close to his cage? He was never like this. I have to take the female out first then he calms down and allows me to take him outside along with her. Whats going on? He charges at me lunges, totally rages and bites when i get close to his cage. Why? How do i fix this?

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Jun 21, 2012
Aggressive macaw
by: Linda

If your birds are either at or approaching breeding age which is around 7-9 years old, they can become hostile and dangerous.This is more true of the male than the female. He is the protector and will fight anyone and anything to make sure his mate and/or babies are safe. This is the wild nature coming through.

This is something a lot of people do not read about and understand before putting breeding pairs together, and it can mean severe injuries to those handling the birds.

First thing I would do is to take both of them to be examined by an Avian Vet because sometimes sudden changes in behavior indicate an infection or other physical issue.

Find an Avian Vet

If they are getting to or are breeding age, then you may have to stop handling them like you have been used to doing in the past. I'm not joking about becoming dangerous as all parrots regardless of whether they are handfed babies or wild caught birds become very much their natural wild selves when placed together as a breeding pair. Whether you have a breeding set up or not, the birds pair bond and when that happens, they need your emotional support less and less. It does not mean they no longer love you, but when working with this big male, I caution you to use care because he will fight for his mate, and when birds pair bond, they are in process of going back to their wild selves which they have ALWAYS been anyway. All parrots are exotic wild animals, and pair bonding and breeding brings out the protective phase of the male. I've known of people being put in hospital via Emergency Rooms from a parrot attack they were not expecting. These were birds hand-raised and then mated. The males are the protectors when breeding is taking place, and they will protect their females, eggs and babies with a ferocity that will astound you.

Please make sure they are both healthy and take care when handling either of them because your male is getting in full breeding/protecting mode unless he is sick with an infection.Do NOT underestimate the possible danger here, and this is a real and truthful warning.


Jun 21, 2012
Parrots are Parrots
by: John Fahlsing

Picture of Sunni is a twentyone year old female Blue and Gold. She is my responsibility and I learned from her what to expect and how to check her moods and they do happen. One day she decides she's all that and bites a little to hard. I take charge and no, and back to the cage she goes. Now, the white Cockatoo is another matter, she's doing what yours is doing =, lunging, chasing and she can draw some blood. But when its nite time, she's gentle, really loving and I can live with that, she's jealous of my 4 year old quaker, thats what I'm driving at, jealousy plays an important role in their well being, so I have to show equal love and fairness, it almost works. Also, is it moting, getting anxious or turned on by the other bird. Don't sweat it tho, if it passes it will, if not then change the diet, kiss a little but, what ever it takes, I am willing to lose a few drops of blood to show i'm not afraid and we aint going to do this BIRD!!! Firm but nice. Its the screaming the cockatoo does that really pisses me off, but its show time.. Good luck, gotta love em..

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