aggressive male lovebird

by Kathryn
(Celina, Ohio)

I recieved a pair of lovebirds. they had a nesting box in their cage, but i was told they were both females but lo and behold, I have two eggs in 4 days.

the problem seems to be the male, I am guessing cause it was on top when they were in the act. now he is picking the female behind the head and neck leaving her bloodied.

The female is peach faced and the male is violet blue, I think that is what it is called there is a little mask of peach just above the eyes. and the male seems VERY aggressive tword the female.

Is this normal, what can/should I do. I didnt want babys, I was duped but now i will be smarter for it.

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Jun 11, 2009
I feel your pain and cufusion
by: Anonymous

I had that same problem to. I figured that the agressive one was a male. Then the "male" started laying eggs. I was shoked. I had to separate them imeedeitly because they were having teritorial disputes. The "male" kept pluking the female. By the way... Have you candeled the eggs to see if they are even fertile? If they arn't separate them IMIDETLY!!!!!!!

Nov 27, 2008
Aggressive male hurting female
by: Tracie

You might need to separate the birds. He might attack the babies when they are born too.

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