Aggressive Senegal after return from holiday

by Ali

I would live some advice! I have a gorgeous senegal who is just over a year old. Myself and my boyfriend went on holidays for a week and I left her with my parents for the week. She knows them very well and loves staying there when I'm there, as my dad has lots of dogs she loves watching. This is the first time I have left her for any length of time.

When I returned to pick her up I let her out to have a snuggle, she let me pet her for a while but then kept biting my hands very hard and even caught my eyebrow. Zee is normally a really happy bird, I thought it was because I had interrupted her nap. She got over it and spent the next few days being very normal and affectionate. However I had to go stay in a friends house last night so i left her in our house with my boyfriend (who she loves more than me!) and when I returned today she is on the attack and keeps trying to bit me none stop.

Usually I am the only who can really handle her and who she trusts with anything. Can anyone help me?? Is this a result of seperation anxiety or is she establishing a new pecking order, with me at the bottom!?!??


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Sep 10, 2013
Aggressive Senegal after return from holiday
by: Linda

This behavior can have plenty to do with being left for a week. There is also a possibility that she is sick or becoming sick, so I suggest you have her examined by an Avian Vet for any bacterial or viral infections or other physical issues. The reason I mention this is birds are very sensitive to bacterial infections when being left in a different environment. Even though she's visited your parents' home while with you, she has never stayed this long which is long enough to pickup a strange bacteria. Have an Avian Vet check her out to make sure this is not a health issue.

If it turns out she is healthy and has no infections, then she will settle down in a while. There is no telling what exactly went on while you were away. Our birds tend to make little asses of themselves when away from Mom and Dad, so she may still be in "ass" mode.

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