aggressive senegal but only to me

by Torrie
(East Greenbush, NY)

I have a 2 1/2 year old Senegal that I got a little over a year ago from a breeder because the woman who originally had him didn't have enough time for him. He was very bonded to me for about a year and then he suddenly become bonded to my mother.

I bought a Myers Senegal Hybrid in April and they have been caged together ever since. They get along great. My Myers Senegal Hybrid is the sweetest thing, he loves everyone. I can't pick up my Senegal anymore because every time I do he lashes into my hand and I have to pry his beak open to get him off.

I am downright scared of holding him anymore but I will scratch his head. He does this thing with his wings when he is with my mother where he puts them out kind of in a heart shape and then he doesn't want to be touched.

My mom can pick him up with no problem. He will occasionally nip at her but he never bites her hard enough to draw blood unlike he does with me. I bring him to the bird center occasionally and everyone there can pick him up no problem.

I am just worried about not being able to keep him especially if I move out and have kids. I am also worried about separating my Senegal and my Myers Senegal Hybrid since they are so bonded to each other. I was just wondering if maybe I could put him on something temporarily to see if it would help.

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Feb 08, 2012
aggressive senegal but only to me
by: Linda

You changed the "dynamics" of your relationship when you brought in another bird and put in same cage with the Senegal. Birds in pairs like this pull away from their people to some degree because now they have a "live in" partner. It does not matter if they are a mated pair or just a pair like this. I suggest you put your Senegal into a separate cage and keep your birds like that for the duration.

The other thing I can't quite grasp is why you are worried about moving out and having kids and what that has to do with your Senegal? Birds have to get used to being around children, and it takes quite a bit of time for them to feel comfortable because smaller kids move too fast and erratically from a parrot's point of view.

No child should be allowed close to a parrot's cage until they are around 8-10 years of age with you or some other adult showing them everything about handling parrots. Parrots are exotic wild animals and behave this way much of the time, so small children should never even be allowed to get close enough to put their fingers on cages because birds do bite when they feel like it, and this is the nature of being a parrot caretaker.

So, Move one of the birds to its own cage and work with your birds one at a time making sure to spend same amount of time with each. They can play out together if cages have playtops.

So your fears are not warranted because ALL parrots bite and in this case, you have gone and changed things around to the point where your Senegal is acting out because of it. This is a human problem, not a bird problem, so work to get it fixed.


Feb 07, 2012
Bird aggressive only with you
by: Tracie

I had birds that one day decided they didn't want to be with me, and preferred others in our home that didn't even spend time with them, it hurts.

Please read our biting green cheek conure article and other articles on our Parrot Training page for help with teaching this bird to refrain from attacking you. It may never prefer you, but you CAN get the bird to stop biting you.

You would not need to rehome this bird if you married and had kids. For all you know, the bird may choose your husband or you as the preferred flock member. You will need to keep both birds from your kids for a number of years anyway.

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