aggressive when it comes to grooming

by jessica
( Farrockaway,NY)

my goffin cackatoo is a very sweet bird...but not when it comes to grooming. he gets ver agressive and i try to be as gentle as possible i have never hurt him in the process but he hates grooming, even showers! his 8 years old and i would love to know how i can get him to at least ease up when its time to groom him.

thank you for your time

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Jun 10, 2009
by: Linda

Hi, and I love the little Goffin's as they are among the most gentle and sweet of the Cockatoos. Of course, the entire Cockatoo family are sweet hearts, even the wild caught ones we used to work with.

As for grooming, for baths, I suggest you use a regular plant sprayer bottle filled with warm, not hot water(use purified water of some kind as chlorine will burn their eyes), and give your bird a shower while you are outside cage(or while he is on a perch) like that. You can choose several settings, and your birdy will let you know which one he likes as he will begin to hold out wings so you can wash "under his arms". Not only will your bird like this more "distant" approach to bathing, you will also get his cage/playstand wet enough to wipe down when bath is over. My amazons are wild birds, and this is how they take their baths all the time. When I'm done, I wipe their cage down and change their cage papers out as now all the dust is settled with the water from the bath. I'm actually allergic to my birds, so this helps me be able to work with them, clean them and still be able to breathe!

For cutting toenails, none of the birds like this as their wings have to be held down during the process. It is a two-person job with one holding a bird wrapped gently in a towel to keep wings down and the holder puts thumb and pointer finger behind bird's head and down on the jaw bones to keep bird's head steady and beak unable to bite person trimming nails. Just "tip" the nails to get the sharp points off. If he needs more than that, please take him to an Avian Vet so the situation will be more under control if one of his nails bleeds(also buy a little bottle of stiptic powder for birds and always have it ready to use whenever you trim nails). We take our two Amazons to the vet for nail trimming every few months. NEVER try and trim your bird's beak, always let the vet do that, and make sure they DO NOT DREMMEL it down as bird's tongues have been cut off during this procedure. Our vet uses a set of clippers and just takes the sharp pointy end off their beaks so they can eat and climb more comfortably.

Hope this helps you, and your are very blessed to have such an adorable little Cockatoo!


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