aggressiveness in female budgie

by fiona o'reilly
(dublin, ireland)

hi, i have 2 female budgies. we have them over 2 years, we got them from a neighbour of my aunt's, she was gettin a cat and was gettin rid of the budgies. we took them in. we have a green budgie and a white albino budgie. the white albino is really a pet, she causes no trouble, not even to the green budgie, shes like a lady budgie, just sits in the cage all day and plays with her toys and eats etc.

but the green budgie wont leave her alone, she wont let her fown for food, she wont let her on the inside of the cage, she wont let her play with any of the toys etc, the green budgie thinks she rules the roost, also theres a gap on the white budgie's wing where theres no feathers and the green one keeps pecking at her wing and making it bleed, once it heals up the green one pecks at it again and keeps pecking and annoying her, we think theyre 2 females cuz i got a booka nd it says if they have beige or brown nostrils/nose theyre females, the 2 budgies have brown noses or nostrils.

when we got them off the lady we were told nothing about them, we think they were at least 2 years when we got them, so they must be over 4 now. can u explain why the green one is acting up like this, is it lack of male company?? thanks from fiona.

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Sep 10, 2010
aggressiveness in female budgie
by: fiona

hi lynda and tracie, thank you so much for writing, and giving your advice, the peaceful budgie was been abused very badly, i have bought another cage for the fighting bird, and new toys, dishes etc, she seems to be happy on her own. i didnt realise that the peaceful budgie might have an infection in her wing due to all the abuse, thank you so much for pointing this out, i will be taking both budgies to the vet immediately. thanks again for really means alot to get feedback on this matter. from fiona xx

Sep 08, 2010
aggressiveness in female budgie
by: Linda

Hi and thanks for writing! You must get another cage and put the more aggressive female in it or she will eventually kill your other bird. Budgies are some of the most aggressive of the parrot species, and though they are small, they will happily start a fight with a much larger bird and even hurt the larger bird if they are peaceful like a Cockatiel for instance. Two females or two males will usually fight, and if the cage is small, it will be to the death. Do not get any males because you do not need to breed these birds since the market is flooded with them, and homes are hard to find plus breeding birds is expensive and time consuming if done correctly.

What is happening here is that the one being hurt will get an infection from the constant attacks if she does not already have one. It would be a good idea to take her to an Avian Vet to have her tested for infections. The other one also will have to go because these infections are highly contageous once they take up residence in a bird.

You need to get your peaceful bird out of the cage with the other one immediately or you risk losing her, or take out the fighter out, either way you want to do it is fine, so get another cage, perches, toys and dishes and get it all set up for your sweet bird. The other one will settle down once she is out of the cage. Most budgie cages are way too small for even one bird, so make sure both cages are roomy enough so the birds can do a little flying from one side to the other. They do not like to fly up, so a taller cage is not as good as one that is longer horizontally and less tall. If they spend a lot of time inside cage, then the cages havr to be 3-4 times the minimum size for just one budgie.

Again, thanks for writing and get them separated right away or you risk losing the one who is not fighting back.She may already be sick, so find an Avian Vet in your driving area and have her checked out.


Sep 08, 2010
Aggressive bird hurting budgie
by: Tracie

You need to separate the birds first of all. Put them in separate cages next to each other, for company, but do not allow them to be together. The bird being picked on could die of an infection, besides that fact that it is being abused.

You should take the injured bird to see an avian vet also, to rule out infection and disease. If you birds have not been seen by an avian vet, take both birds for a check up.

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