Agressive male indian ringneck

by Kell

My blue male indian ringneck is about 8 months old, and the last few weeks his been going to bite me on my hand and jumping to my face to bite and its really agressive.
how do i stop him from doing this?
and also i have trouble keeping him just on my hand he always wants to go on my shoulder and tries to walk all over me. and when he does i try get him to go on my hand again and thats also when he gets angry and goes to bite me.
And when i go to put him back in his cage he starts squarking and everytime i go past the cage or anytime he sees me he starts squarking. is there anything i can do to help stop him from doing that too?

Thankyou :)

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Jun 14, 2012
Bird becoming aggressive with age
by: Tracie

You need to train your bird to do what you want it to do. Please read the bird training articles on our Parrot Training page and do some research to help your bird replace the unwanted behavior with what you wish.

Jun 14, 2012
Aggressive Indian Ringneck
by: Anonymous

Welcome to the world of parenthood! Your bird is getting older and starting to mature so he's going to try anything he can to rule the roost and literally walk all over you. Parrots are like small children and need to be taught and trained. When he is trying to bite you, just give him a firm "no", put him on or in cage and walk away. When he is being good, talk to him gently and reward him for his good behavior. He sqwaks when you come into the room or walk by the cage because he wants your attention. There are a lot of good parrot training articles on this website that will help you. Good luck, and remember, you have to train the bird, not let him train you. :)

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