air purifier for bird room

by mslealove

What is th BEST air purifier for 2 African Greys?

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May 22, 2012
Air purifier for bird room
by: The Avian Vet

The most important point about air purifiers is DO NOT use one that produces ozone. This is very dangerous to you and your birds. There is an ionic purifier advertised in BirdTalk magazine and Oreck makes an excellent one.

Dr B

May 17, 2012
Air purifier for bird room
by: Anonymous

Air purifiers, are different than a humidifier.

If you're living in a dusty, dry area, I would suggest both.

Greys come from the rain forrest with lots of moisture in the air. So a warm mist humidifer is great to have to help prevent the air from being too dry, thus drying out their skin. I would go with a large one if you plan to use it all day. This way you're not constantly putting water in it. Always use just PLAIN water. Never put any medication in it.

A purifier, filters the dust from the air. It also pulls moisture from the air as it filters it thru. I would only get one if you live in a dusty area. This will keep the allergens in the room down. Yes birds get allergies too! (my grey is allergic to dust, so I'm always cleaning to keep it down). I keep the purfier next to the window as dust seeps thru. I keep the humifier away from the purifier and somewhat closer to the bird's cage.

Some air purifiers have a UV option on it. Mine has this option, but I never use it. I don't feel in my personal opinion that it's safe for the birds.
I just run it as normal. I clean it every other day. I run mine on low, this is sufficient.

As summer draws near, a humidifier is great. The AC units filter moisture from the air too... the humidifer puts that back in the air. Your birds will benefit greatly from having one in their room. AC unit will also filter the dust from the air as well. So you may not need the air purifier. Just make sure to change the AC Filter once a month.

Honestly believe you would do fine with just a warm mist humidifier. Simply just bc there is more benefits to it. The air purifier I wouldn't get unless your birds are allergic to the dust as mine is, or if you live in a high dust area.

So really any air purifier you want to get is fine. Just don't use the UV option if it comes with one. But certainly make sure if you use that, that you've got something to put moisture back in the air with too!

GL hope this helps!

May 17, 2012
bird room air cleaner
by: Tracie

A family that has bad allergies suggested one of the air cleaners that run the air through water. You HAVE to change the water every day, sometimes more than once a day. You also have to be careful not to let mold grow in it.

May 17, 2012
air purifier for bird room
by: Linda

I highly recommend NO air purifier unless house has mold or mildew problems. The powder down that the Greys shed needs to be cleaned up at least every other day as it tends to coat everything. An air purifier will not stop that from happening.

Also, avoid the type of air purifier that uses ionization because I've tried to use these before, and they irritate the air passages of the birds. So, to save you a bit of money, just keep their room or area clean by going over everything at least every other day with a damp cloth. The Greys', Cockatoos and Cockatiels have what is called powder down feathers, and this material coats everything with an almost oily dust that an air purifier will not touch. Only cleaning will get it up, and I recommend spraying areas down with plain warm water first to keep it from getting up into the air. People with COPD and/or severe allergies cannot have the above mentioned birds because of this powder that is shed.

Thanks for writing

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