air sac mites

by Larry
(Brewster Ma)

I have a budgie about 4 years old...She seems to be having trouble breathing...I would like to no if she could get air sac mite from my kids cockatiel?

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Oct 05, 2009
Air sac mites
by: The Vet

Only if the cockatiel has air sac mites. And if he does, then he too would be showing symptoms. Difficulty breathing can be caused by many things such as egg binding, abdominal tumors, obesity, and many other causes. I recommend that you take this budgie in to see an avian veterinarian, and take the cockatiel in too.

Dr B

Oct 02, 2009
air sac mites
by: Linda

YES, ANY BIRD CAN BE INFECTED WITH ANY PARASITE OR INFECTION THAT ANOTHER BIRD IN THE HOME HAS. Both of these birds need immediate treatment by an Avian Vet. If you do not take them both in and talk with a licensed, qualified Avian vet, you stand to lose both birds. That won't be the end of the mites either. When you go to vet, ask them how to rid your home of the mites as they will infect other birds coming into your home after these two die.

This is an emergency situation. If the Cockie is already being treated, then yours needs to go in as well.


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