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Can my grey fly 8 hour's on a airplane

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Aug 07, 2013
airplane transportation
by: Linda

Only if you take him on as carry on which means a smaller travel crate that you can hold in your lap for the entire trip. He will also need some food and water in his cups because 8 hours is way too long to go with out both.

The other issue here is change in climate and water. Depending on where you are going, you will have to have some water from home because strange water can cause severe stomach upsets. Your bird will also need to be kept inside and preferably in his own cage if you are shipping that as well.

Unless you are moving to a new place, the best thing for your bird is for him to be boarded with either an Avian Vet ONLY or someone you know who is experienced with parrots to take care of him while you are gone.

Animals and birds are no longer put in the cargo hold during the summer plus it is a very bad place for a bird to be because of less pressure and oxygen.Your bird may die during this long a trip in cargo anyway. He would have to be taken on as carry-on and food and water provided for the trip and after.

So, unless you are moving to a new home, boarding him with reliable people will be the best idea for your bird. Your Avian Vet would be the best place for him because they know what they are doing. Family members and/or friends who do not know much about parrots are NOT a good idea for a place to put him.

Also, regardless of who takes care of him, you have to sign a medical release form to make sure he can be taken to avian vet in case of emergency illness or injury. Something simple will do so long as you sign and date it. If you are not leaving him with Avian Vet, you will need to also put their phone number and address on the release form. It is illegal for anyone to take a pet that is not theirs to any kind of vet, so make sure this is done or your bird will not be able to be taken care of.Avian Vet will also need a release to treat form signed and dated by you as well.


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