albino budgie acting werid? Not sure if male or female..

by Ashley
(St. John's, Newfoundland )

I got two budgies from two different pet stores about four weeks ago they were fine and love each other and hate being seperated. I have a boy with a pink bluejay cere younger and an albino I was told was female but after some research learned it's probably male. It's cere is pinkish to white. But I'm still unsure. I've noticed them feeding each other and they were getting along great if one comes out of the cage the other follows.

I had them hand trained to come to food in a lil over a week but then about two weeks after they suddenly stopped I have since changed there food and they seem better today after four days of not coming out the male instantly jumped on my hand but I noticed my albino one gets very sleepy when I'm feeding the other one she closes her eyes and doesn't really pay attention much but she is normally extremely chatty.

I also noticed today she was hacking at the one I know is male (I call the albino one she just to differ but it could be male) and she would not let him anywhere near her around the top of the cage they were almost fighting so this cotinued on for about ten minutes till they settled after I came home and I trained them I noticed she was going after him again so I seperated them by Putin my hand beteen them and they stopped.

I noticed today also that on top of the albino ones cere is moist and wet looking which is a first. She's also been scratching her head a lot but this could be normal. I'm pretty sure the male is feeding the albino one and there always chattering to each other. A couple weeks ago I put thread in there just incase and today I put a closed bird bath with a towel draped over it just to see but could my albino actually be female or is she sick?

Her droppings are fine and shes eating and she moves fine. And she still chatters a lot. Oh and she would never nip at me if I touched her in anyway and she has once or twice the last four days gently nipped me.

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Oct 03, 2011
Budgie may be sick
by: Tracie

It sounds like the one bird may be sick. Dr B can not tell you without examining the bird, so you will need to Find an Avian Vet for your bird right away.

Do not encourage nesting by providing a nesting spot. Besides the fact that even if they produces babies they may not feed them or may try to kill them leaving you with the 24/7 job of feeding chicks, the hen may get egg bound if you are not feeding them a quality pellet diet like Harrison's or Roudybush.

If the birds continue to fight, or you determine one is male and the other female, you will need to purchase another cage for one of the birds and just keep the cages near each other for company.

You will likely have to get a DNA test on the albino bird to determine gender. You could have a male or female and the cere may not change color.

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