albino ringneck

by michelle

Our albino ringneck parakeet just finished a second molt. He's not even 2 years. Biggy, as we call him/her, is sweet as can be and is talking great! I've just noticed the shadow where his ring would be is now grey. Is this normal?

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Dec 21, 2009
albino ringneck
by: Linda

Birds molt about every six months with the changes in the seasons, so this is probably a normal molt. When you say albino, do you mean all white? I've seen Lutinos who are yellow, and I've seen the Blue ones, just never a white one.

As for what is natural for neck ring, what color was it before?

If it is coming in another color, this can strongly indicate your bird is ill and needs to see an Avian Vet. If it has been over a year since he was last seen by an Avian Vet, please make appointment and have him checked for physical causes of losing color.

Diet plays a critical role in skin and feather health. Your bird needs to be changed over to an organic pelleted diet if he is eating an all seed diet. All seed diets are lacking in basic nutrition. Tracie has several kinds out here to look at. Here is the Switching Birds to Pellets article.

Let us know what vet has to say, and thanks for writing,

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