alex babies biting issue.


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Am ROHAN from INDIA.I have bought 2 lovely alexandrine parakeets at home.they are around 2-3 months old,fully weaned.they need not handfed and eats on own.problem is that whenever I ask them to step up they do it but after a lot of biting.

I have arranged for a long and strong t-stand for them,but am worried how can I stop them from this bad habit of biting.if it happens to continue they will never get tamed and then it wont make sense in keeping them 3 years old ALEX "BRUZOO" is a sweerheart frm childhood and he never bite us since 3 years.why do these newly bought babies love to attack my hand?please help.
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Apr 16, 2011
alex babies biting issue
by: Linda

Rohan, it is not easy to answer your question. If you have only had the birds for a short time, then they are still in the learning stage of their training. The fact they step up is a good point in your favor. There are many factors as to why they continue to bite you. What kind of cage are they in? All parrots have to be kept at adult human eye level when on their perches in or out of cages. If they are kept lower than this, they are always afraid and intimidated by anyone near their cage or perch. If their cage is too small or they lack the correct kind of natural wood branch perches and correct size toys, this can also add to their stress.

I suggest you use the " Find an Avian Vet " link and have them checked out to make sure there are no physical causes for this behavior. Diet is also an important factor, and they should be eating a high quality organic pelleted diet like one of the ones found here. Before changing diet, they have to be seen by an avian vet to make sure they are healthy enough to go through the time it takes to change diets. I can give you more information on that once they've been deemed healthy or treated by avian vet.

There are also some links here regarding training issues you may wish to look at. ( Parrot Training page )

Wish I could be more helpful and without knowing everything about your birds, I'm working in the dark.

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