This is an example of what a Lilac Crowned Amazon looks like.

This is an example of what a Lilac Crowned Amazon looks like.

My name is Alexa and I am a lilac head amazon. The last 3 years my life has changed so much you would not believe it!

A few years ago I lived in a house where no one paid any attention to me, I was even put to live in the shed with the bulldogs.

The couple I lived with had 3 children and they always poked their fingers at me, so one day I decided to bite the smallest one's finger (really bad), she was a little girl. She hit me back and gave me a puffed eye! So they decided to give me away, thank God!

My luck changed, my new mum came and picked me up, took me to a very big house and now I have a giant cage with heaps of toys. Also the door is always open and I am never locked up. I could not believe it would get any better, but one day the front door opened and (Mary) my mom was holding a sexy Lilac Headed Amazon boy! Wow!

I started giggling and I COULD NOT STOP. Love at first sight, well to make a long story short. Now I have 3 great babies and my guy Paco, who loves me to bits!

So please before you buy a parrot make sure that you have enough time for it! LOVE AND BIG HUGS AND KISS KISS, ALEXA PACO AND FAMILY!

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Jun 04, 2008
I Thought I Was Lucky!
by: Ozzy

Hey Alexa. My name is Ozzy. I'm five years old and got rescued (given away) when I started plucking myself naked after being left in my cage for three years. Nobody paid any attention to me or loved on me after my first Mom moved out of the house and left me with the grandparents. I've been with my new Mom about six months, and I get lots of attention and help preening, so I've decided I must be lovable after all and might as well leave my feathers alone so I can be a "pretty bird" again. Know what you mean about that cruel cage door--I'm finally feeling safe enough to go out on my own. At first, the open cage door scared me--but now I know my new Mom puts treats on top of the cage for me! So,,, Now maybe Mom will read your story and bring home a Sweetie Tweety for me. Wow--wouldn't that just make a guy want some feathers to puff out! Maybe you could talk to her for me--what do'ya think??

Apr 16, 2008
Alexa you lucked out
by: Marcia


It looks like you lucked out.You should of used your beak sooner so you could of found your way to
a better life.I'm so glad for you that you have found a new Mum who is treating you the way a gal should be treated.To top it off she even got you a
mate and you started a family.You must think that you died and went to heaven.Aren't you the lucky one.I only wish that more parrots would meet your fate.I myself do just what your Mum does I rescue
and take in rehomes.Some of my stories are just as
sad as your story and some are even worse.Thank God for people like your Mum who had a heart and did the right thing.May you continue to flourish under such great love.And enjoy your life the way it should of been.


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